Urban spaces

I have a strong interest in the urban, in particular, public spaces and places. Much of what urbanism is about is designing and creating spaces for us to live, work, create and play in. These spaces are wonderful sources of inspiration for photography, and, when I slow down as I pass through these spaces, images jump out at me. 

And then there are places.

I don't use these terms interchangeable - to me there are important differences. An urban space, whilst created by a human, is purely about form: lines, angles, and broad viewscapes. A 'space' becomes a 'place' when humans occupy it and own it - even if for a short period of time. This is where the built form and the people who occupy it create something more than the space: here, the context (space) combine with the humans to create something more than the sun of its parts. This is a place.

These photos are about urban spaces.