I have been working in the area of environmental and sustainability planning for over 30 years and, through my practice, study, reading, teaching and working with government agencies, have developed a good understanding of a range of topics within the environmental and sustainability planning discipline. I am writing a book on this discipline, with a particular focus on Australia and WA. I will publish chapters of the book here on this website first, and once all of them have been completed I will turn them into the book.

This is a work in progress, and I will add pages as I complete them. The chapters completed so far are listed below as live links to the relevant page on the website:

  1. Scope - defining and environmental and sustainability planning;

You can either read the material on-line, or you can download a pdf version for you reference. 

As noted elsewhere - all photographs are taken my me (Garry Middle) and I claim copyright for all the photographs on this website.

Defining and environmental and sustainability planning

Defining and environmental and sustainability planning