Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is located in Sydney Harbour, about 1km directly west of the Harbour Bridge. It was first settled as a penal settlement in 1839, and eight years later work began (using convict labour) to turn the Island into major shipping building and repair facility, especially for the Navy. The facilities were finally closed in 1992, and the Island remained unused until 2001, when the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust took over the control of the island and embarked on major restoration works. Work continues today, but the Island was re-opened to the public in 2007.

The old and decaying buildings and infrastructure are a wonderful source of photographs. I visited the island in October this year (2015) and here are my photos.

Laneways and passageways

A couple of years ago I took a photo of a laneways in Melbourne, which I thought would make a really nice shot, but I couldn't quite work out what it was about the shot that worked. I then started noticing that I began  to be attracted to other laneways, particularly when I was travelling. After a while I noticed that these photos worked because they invite the viewer into the laneway and hinted out some sort of mystery. As well, the texture of the laneway was also interesting. I then decide to expand this out into, what I have called, passageways - for example footbridges through street canopies. This is now an on-going project, and here are my best photos to-date.

Doors project

I was recently reviewing my photographs from my trips to Porto in Portugal (2012) and Valparariso in Chile (2014), and noticed that I had some really interesting images of doors, especially on older buildings. So, i decided that on my trip to Florence, Cinque Terre and Lucca (in Italy) earlier this year, I would make 'doors' a themed photo project. Here's my images to-date.