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About Garry and my photography

I am a semi-professional photographer but, as my day job, I am an environmental planner. Here's the link to my consulting website - www.garrymiddle.net 

All the photos shown on this website are taken by me and are covered by copyright laws. Most photos were taken using digital cameras primarily an EOS 5D Mark II and more recently a Sony α 7RII, which is now my preferred camera for everything.

I have also used my iPhone and a Sony RX100II in situations where I can't carry my usual cameras - mostly whilst I'm out running.

I always shoot in colour and use RAW format. I work primarily in black and white, but use colour for the fine art pictures.

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom have been used to do the initial edits and Tonality to create black and white images from the colour originals.

You are welcome to download the low resolution versions of the photographs shown on this website for non-commercial purposes, but please acknowledge this website as the source, and Garry Middle as the author. Please do not edit out the watermark. Should you wish to use photographs for commercial purposes, or you wish to purchase higher resolution versions, please contact Garry via email to discuss purchase arrangements and pricing.

Garry Middle claims copyright for all the photographs on this website.

If you would like to contact me, my email is garrymiddle@vision-environment.com - (click to email).